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2. Choose Add-on Options

The second step in creating a Sumac database perfectly tailored for your non-profit is to choose your Add-on Options. Sumac has more Add-on Options than any other non-profit software. Each piece not only integrates with the Basic CRM, but works together. Choose as many as you like to create a complete solution to manage your entire organization.

Volunteer Management


Sumac Volunteer Management streamlines the entire process of managing volunteers, from recruitment and analysis to scheduling, performing necessary tasks and thanking those who donate effort, making sure volunteers never feel unappreciated or ineffective.

Do I Need It?

If you have 50 or more volunteers, consider adding this Add-on Option.


  • Simple scheduling
  • Track time spent on activities

Volunteer Management Highlights In Detail

Sumac Volunteer Management Software

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Simple Scheduling

The heart of volunteer management is connecting volunteers with the right task at the right time. With Sumac, you can specify the qualifications required to perform each task, and at a glance find the most appropriate person to complete the task based on interest, skills and availability. You can then quickly schedule them, and keep everything organized with Sumac’s built-in calendar.


Sumac Volunteer Management Software

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Track Time Spent On Activities

Tracking the work spent by volunteers is valuable for two reasons: you can give them the recognition they deserve, and you can report the man-hours to funding bodies. Sumac supports time tracking and reporting to help you manage all these processes.


We upgraded to Sumac from eTapestry, and we are amazed at how fast and efficient it is!
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