Sumac Donation Pages

Get donation pages that match the look and feel of your website, and integrate with your Sumac CRM!
(New donation pages coming soon)


Customizable Donation Pages

Customize your donation page with your nonprofit’s colours, logo, header and footer. Giving donors a seamless experience makes them more likely to give. 

We’ve partnered with iATS to give you credit card processing fees as low as 2.55% and we don’t charge anything on top of that!

24/7 Connection

Every time someone visits your website and makes a donation, the information is automatically captured in your database. No need to manually enter donations again. 

Sumac uses AWS – a wold class cloud infrastructure providing the most secure and reliable connection. 

Automate follow-up

Sumac can also send automatic confirmation emails, thank you letters, or receipts after someone makes a donation on your website, so you don’t have to worry about follow-up. It’s all taken care of.

We upgraded to Sumac from eTapestry, and we are amazed at how fast and efficient it is…

– Executive Director, Skyworks Charitable Foundation

Get started today & see the benefits of automation for your organization!

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