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3. Customize For Your Organization

The last step in tailoring your Sumac database for your non-profit, is to customize it. This step is all about adding the finishing touches to make sure the fields, terminology, and preferences in your database fit with your organization’s needs and objectives. Sumac makes this really easy!

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Customize Entry Fields

Some systems only allow you to collect a rigid set of information. Sumac gives you the flexibility to add your own fields to collect additional relevant information about the individuals and organizations you interact with.

You also have the flexibility to customize drop down menus to include the data you need for your organization. No IT staff required!


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Choose Preferences

With Sumac, you have an abundance of options for each section of your database at your fingertips, so you can quickly set preferences to reflect your organization’s needs.


Thanks to Sumac, we now have an easy to navigate, custom database that’s tailored to OUR needs.
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