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Personalize newsletters, fundraising letters, and thank you letters to get higher response rates!


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Target Campaigns

Need to target your campaign to different audiences based on past giving, demographics, their connection to your organization, or their expressed interest in a particular fund?

Sumac’s revolutionary Search Builder allows you to visually build a picture of what you want to find, so anyone can quickly and easily segment the database based on any set of search criteria.


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Organize Campaigns Better

Organize your campaigns into the appropriate exclusions, solicitations, and packages that need to be sent.


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Create Custom Templates

With Sumac, you can create custom templates with pictures, text and mail merge codes that to tell Sumac what personal information you would like it to insert when sending your newsletter, fundraising letter, thank you letter, or event invitation.


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Built-in Email Marketing

When your template is ready to go, Sumac’s built-in broadcast email system allows you to send your email to a selected list of contacts in your database. Having built-in broadcast email means you save time and money, since you don’t have to use a separate application.


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Powerful Mail Merge

When Sumac sends each email, it automatically personalized each one with information from the contact record like name, address, salutation, and donation amount. Sumac can even insert conditional text, for example, to include a special greeting to donors who attended a recent event, or to solicit 15 percent more from each donor. Research shows that personalized communication has a much higher response rate!


With Sumac, we got the perfect solution – excellent customer service and an easy-to-use product at an affordable price…


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