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Indian Summer Arts

Prior to Sumac, Trillium Gift of Life Network was manually issuing donation receipts. Thank you and acknowledgement letters were also manually done after donation receipt. This process was time consuming and record keeping was a challenge. Now, using SUMAC, issuing receipts, printing Thank you and acknowledgement letters and recordkeeping is both faster and more streamlined. Record keeping is also more secure and accessible via the system data base of information which can be accessed through user defined security. System reporting has also proven to be flexible to accommodate other needs required by TGLN. Last but certainly not least, system support has been excellent anytime it was required. Our Communications department is now looking at Sumac to provide a database of contact information for its particular needs
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As a mid-sized charity, Sumac is the perfect CRM that covers all of our organization’s needs. It allows for us to track activities for our many donors across the country and pull lists for our various communications initiatives, all while being extremely easy to use. There is a reason we have used Sumac for over 10 years; it’s that good.

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Director of Marketing and Communications, NYO Canada

Sumac provided both ample time and attention for Habitat for Humanity Okanagan to make a strategic and informed decision as we upgraded from a spreadsheet world to a one-stop database. After extensive research, we chose Sumac and have never regretted that decision. Sumac supported us from the early days of transition and continue to support us in a timely and respectful manner to both our queries and our requests. We appreciate their attention to stay current with updates and new components as the market and work culture changes. Our staff have happily experienced an increase of work production, team spirit and individual time efficiency in a very busy and complex non-profit organization.

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Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity Okanagan

Tamarack Wellness Center recently purchased Sumac donor-tracking software for our small non-profit located in Eugene, Oregon. I have worked with a wide variety of software and software companies for over 20 years. The Sumac software and the support have far exceeded my expectations. The software is easy to use, easy to customize, and very user-friendly. The instructional videos are the best I’ve ever encountered, and they made being able to use the software right after installation easy. In addition, the training staff is great – they’ve been able to answer all my questions, show me how to accomplish what I need to be able to do, and saved me a lot of time in learning the software and in actually using it to support the goals of our organization. THANK YOU for creating and supporting a product that truly lives up to its marketing promises.

Thanks to Sumac, we are finally getting some control over our database. The program is easy to use and incredibly helpful in organizing contacts, communications and fundraising initiatives. The staff at Sumac are wonderfully patient and supportive. Three cheers for Sumac!

As a small wildlife rescue with limited time and resources, we’ve found Sumac to be very helpful in organizing and managing our volunteers. Previously we were using a homemade database that was challenging to use and no longer supporting our needs. After extensive research on possible databases, we chose Sumac because its customization potential and pricing options worked with our organization’s needs and limited budget. In terms of set up, the videos provided by Sumac were very helpful, and when we had any questions or difficulty, the customer service was quick to respond. They were polite even when we asked for a function that was already there, right in our face. If you are looking for a very cost-effective, versatile database with the ability to change functions to meet your needs, Sumac is an excellent choice. We are very pleased with our decision to use Sumac.

CS Wildlife Rescue
Executive Director, Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue

Prior to using SUMAC we had dozens of very ‘un’ user-friendly Excel documents storing 9 years worth of patron information. As Artistic Producer, I was the only one with enough institutional memory to be able to use these documents, which meant hours of my time sorting to generate useable reports and mailing lists. Since starting SUMAC, accessing and using data has become a staff-wide activity — we are all able to access our database and use it on our daily work whether that’s identifying donors, quickly finding information on groups and schools who have attended our shows, or managing our email and snail mail lists. It’s really helped to move our management of data to the next level.

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Artistic Producer, The Musical Stage Company

Sumac is great value for a CRM! Very affordable and robust. As a small non-profit, we really appreciate being able to have a CRM that covers our ticketing, membership and donation needs. Having this all in one place has made us more efficient, productive and professional. Their customer service is very responsive and friendly, and we always know they will help us out if we have any problems. Thanks Sumac!

Music Gallery Testimonials
Executive Director, Music Gallery

Sumac converted all our historical data records, from several sources. In less than a week we were up and running, sending and tracking newsletters to our newly consolidated list of constituents. Sumac has made our communication and fundraising efforts more effective and much more efficient. In fact I think it paid for itself in the first week.

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Executive Director, Theatre Museum Canada

There aren’t enough positive things I can say about Sumac. It has given us a better handle on every aspect of our organization – communications, donations, memberships,and contacts are all far better organized than they ever were with Raiser’s Edge, which we were using before. If every company provided service as good as Sumac’s, the working world would be a happier and more efficient place.

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Administrator, PEN Canada

Switching over to Sumac from Income Manager has made things much more productive at the Mississauga Arts Council. It easily manages our membership, donations, events, campaigns, reporting and more. Transition between systems was faster and easier than I could have imagined. Our administration processes have been streamlined in a way that was never possible before. We finally have control over our data and a real picture of everything we do!

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Membership Manager, Mississauga Arts Council

I love Sumac. It has allowed me to track all of our donor’s information super easily. I purchased it originally so that I could issue tax receipts to our donors, but have found it useful to track giving based on correspondence and fundraising events. We started small, but as we grow so does our need to gather information. Sumac is also great because I can manage my contact list for mailings through it. Any questions I have are answered quickly through tech support (either via e-mail or on the phone). Sumac also provides updates regularly, so that means they’re paying attention to their customers’ input.

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Administrator, Rose City Kids

Sumac is much more user friendly than our previous database. It is easy to use and training new people is a faster process than our previous system. The Sumac team were very helpful in our conversion process and were very quick at responding to any questions we had. Sumac has really helped us keep better track of our donors, members and communications.

As a national organization with a staff of five, the Writers’ Trust relies on Sumac to manage diverse contact groups and maintain quality communication with its donors. The database streamlines daily tasks while establishing institutional memory that will ensure future stability and growth.

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Executive Director, Writers’ Trust of Canada

We switched to Sumac from a tailor-made FileMaker Pro database system and couldn’t be more satisfied. Sumac integrates all areas of our operations, which is something no other database software has been able to do for us. It has streamlined our processes and increased our productivity, making it possible for us to reach new levels in our programming, fundraising and marketing initiatives. The Sumac team are continually adding increased functionality to the program. They respond immediately to questions, often anticipating our needs and going a step or two further to develop new solutions to increase our efficiency, without even being asked. Great customer service and an incredible product.

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Marketing & Communications Manager, Arts for Children and Youth

As I moved from Cahoots Theatre Projects to the Harold Green Jewish Theatre, the only software addition that I insisted on was Sumac. It’s the fastest  and least expensive way for me to communicate with stakeholders.

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HPCO had been using a third party to manage our direct mail campaign and tax receipting. Switching to Sumac has significantly reduced our preparation time for direct mail and reduced the time between receipt of a donation and the mailing of the thank you letter with tax receipt. We also use Sumac to manage membership renewals, communications to members, and manage all of our other contacts. Sumac is very user friendly and intuitive. Sumac is also easy to maintain and does not require database management training or technical support staff. The data conversion process from our old system to Sumac was smooth. The Sumac team was highly responsive to our needs and very adept in converting our data quickly. HPCO selected Sumac as a solutions partner and endorsed Sumac to our membership because we feel it is the best product to meet the range of needs of our diverse membership.

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We have been using Sumac as our donor database since January of 2014. I have found it much easier to use than our previous database. We are able to more easily track donations and communications and are just beginning to discover how useful Sumac is for targeting communications to specific groups of contacts. Sumac’s customer service is excellent and I look forward to using the system for years to come.

KW Counselling testimonial
Executive Assistant, KW Counselling Services

As a membership association, we need to track multiple programs and memberships effectively in order to grow, Sumac does this rapidly, even integrating into donations and communications for greater efficiency.

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Director of Operations,

Setting up Sumac has been extremely beneficial to our team and our work. We have integrated the software into all our business processes resulting in significant gains in time and efficiency. Making the change to Sumac enabled us to publish The Theatre Listing on our website instead of on paper while reducing the effort to prepare it by 70%. Our Members are already reaping the benefits. Sumac is easy to use, and possibilities for future developments and support for new projects are numerous.

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Executive Director, PACT

I am really happy with Sumac and feel we made the perfect decision on software. I was very impressed with how easy the transition between systems was and how well you responded to our questions and feedback about the software.  Most people talk the talk, but when it comes to doing it they just ignore it.  You listened and responded in an efficient and useful way.  I would recommend Sumac to charities large and small who want an easy transition and a user friendly database that will meet all of your fundraising needs.

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Campaigns Director, Zoocheck Canada

We are very excited about the possibilities of this amazing program.  Sumac, is an enormous time and effort saver for promoting shows and has the potential to seriously increase our level of earned and private sector revenues. Sumac support is a delight to work with and is passionate about assisting companies to achieve their goals with Sumac.  They were extremely patient and pleasant during the training process, which made it fun and easy.

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Artistic Director, Theatre Gargantua

METRAC switched to Sumac because of its ease of use, superior flexibility and security features. Beyond the software itself, the Sumac team helped us along the transition process – they were accommodating and supportive to us as a small, grassroots not-for-profit organization.

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Outreach Director, METRAC

I tell people that Hands of Hur is a ‘one pony show.’ As the Executive Director, I also wear the hats of graphic designer, webmaster, donor and data manager, as well as my primary role of teacher and speaker. My time is always insufficient, so finding a donor management solution that provided accuracy, breadth of application, ease of use, and hardware platform independence became a matter of survival. I had been using Exceed! Basic, but it’s interface was bulky and non-intuitive, and its Windows-exclusivity made life very difficult in my all Mac office. The switch to Sumac was a ‘liberation’ in every way. Not only is the interface intuitive and easily customizable, but its onscreen report features allow me to see data in relationships I had never been able to before. I was able to perform the data conversion of nine years of data from Exceed! and QuickBooks files without a hitch. Finally, I have never, in twenty years, ever experienced a Customer Service department like the one at Sumac. Real people, real phone calls, and even remote accessing my screen to tweak the program to fit my needs. The hours wasted in self-diagnosis and descending hold in a phone system, trying to solve technical problems vanished when I switched to Sumac. Sumac has given Hands of Hur, a tiny faith-based nonprofit with a wide reach, the time it needs to fulfill its mission.

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Director, Hands of Hur

I really like the prospect weighting function in Sumac. It seems to have been designed with all the key variables that fundraisers look for in mind.

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Chief Development Officer, National Youth Orchestra

As one of the initial clients of Sumac, Nightwood not only continues to use the system but has been gradually augmenting our operations with Sumac’s enhancement modules including volunteer management and ticketing.  I can attest that improved efficiency in our data management and communications in the last five years is directly associated to Sumac.  Most notably, it has assisted our strategies to more fully integrate audience development and private sector fundraising campaigns.  When I recommend Sumac to colleagues at other not-for-profit organizations, the first thing I endorse is their terrific customer service which seems in tune and crafted perfectly for organizations with limited overhead and resources.  Sumac support staff are responsive, approachable, knowledgeable, caring and willing to adjust programs so that they work for our organization, rather than our organization working around their system.  Sumac fits our needs: it’s cost-effective, easy-to-use, flexible and improves Nightwood’s organizational capacity.

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Producer and General Manager, Nightwood Theatre

After doing extensive research on several software solutions, we chose to go with Sumac because it allowed us to keep track of our clients,donors and volunteers all in the same database. We are easily able to track our clients’ participation in all of the groups and services that we provide to those who are ill or bereaved in our community. We are able to collect the statistics that we need to report back to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and our Local Health Integration Network. We are able to provide a comprehensive history of our volunteers’ involvement with our organization including the matching of volunteers with clients. The fundraising and donor management aspect of the database is second to none. We are able to generate our tax receipts from the system and the many built-in reports and fundraising tools has allowed us to analyze data and view donor history to develop a case for support which will help us to continue to grow and support more people who are in need of our services.

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Office and Finance Coordinator, Hospice Peterborough

We’re big fans of Sumac at Cahoots.  First, the interface is highly intuitive which is important for a company like ours where we have a lot of volunteers and new faces coming in to update our data.  Second, the product does everything we need from communications to donation tracking.  Finally, the quality of customer support is superior to any other product I’ve seen. Any questions we’ve had have been addressed in a prompt, professional, and courteous manner.  I have recommended this product to many colleagues and will continue to do so in the future.

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Artistic Director, Cahoots Theatre Projects

Thanks to Sumac we’re able to keep our database organized with ease!

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Program Director, Dance Immersion

Our experience here at the Northumberland Humane Society with using Sumac has been wonderful. Prior to installing Sumac, our receipting system was disorganized and inefficient, which cost us time and led to some donors being unhappy with their experience. By harmonizing our receipting and donating process through the Sumac software, this aspect of our daily operations has become one of the simplest tasks of running our organization. The installing process was a breeze, and the software runs smoothly on all of our Windows based computers. We are also very happy with the technical support we have received from Sumac, any time we have had a question or concern they have bee there to help. We would highly recommend Sumac to other charitable organizations for all of their donor database needs!

Sumac has allowed us to easily manage our database of members, donors and contacts. Through Sumac we have streamlined many of our operations allowing us to better serve our members. The software is very user-friendly and the technical support is always available and ready to help.

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Administrative Assistant, Choirs Ontario

Thanks to Sumac, we now have an easy to navigate, custom database that’s tailored to OUR needs.

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Communications Officer, Community Living Peterborough

Sumac has been a tremendous help in the management of all our organization’s contacts, and an essential support tool for fundraising, communications and event administration. The software is easy to use and data can be searched in many ways. Overall, Sumac supports our daily work and is a key element of fulfilling our mission.

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Executive Director, The Glenn Gould Foundation

When I arrived at Obsidian, Sumac took me virtually no time to learn. It is so intuitive and simple. It has also been a great help to Obsidian, as it has virtually grown with us over the years we’ve had it. As our company progresses we find we are able to utilize more and more of the tools. Thanks to all the Sumac staff for being so supportive and helpful to us.

c obsidian theatre logo Testimonials
Artistic Producer, Obsidian Theatre

Sumac has been invaluable in helping our organization structure our extensive database. We are now able to effectively manage our growing membership, donor list and contact list. Thank you Sumac – we appreciate the prompt and courteous support you provide.

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Director of Communications, The National Trust for Canada

Sumac is extremely intuitive and user friendly.  Client support services are excellent.

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Development & Volunteer Coordinator, Jessie’s

We just renewed our subscription for our second year and have been very pleased with the features and performance. Keep up the good work

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Director, Accounting & Operations Canadian Energy Research Institute

Seattle Pro Musica spent several years working with a huge database system – a behemoth that required intense training and still wouldn’t pull the reports we needed! We were actively searching for other options when a fortuitous presentation from a representative of United Way introduced us to Sumac. From the beginning, Sumac impressed us with its scalability, affordability, and ease of use. With Sumac, our staff and board members are able to access our data in a clean and clear format – which has helped us to make major improvements in constituent relationship management. We’re thrilled that we joined the Sumac community.

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Managing Director Seattle Pro Musica

The switch from a manually managed membership list to an integrated data base has been smooth thanks to the excellent support from Sumac support and other staff. As a new user, they have helped us through the data loading process, and have provided several tutorials for our officers, always willing to go the extra mile to guide us through the learning process. To date, Sumac has met all our data requirements, and we look forward to our continuing relationship. Thanks Sumac!

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Secretary to the Board of Directors, New Brunswick Hospice Palliative Care Association

Foundation for Bedford Central Schools is a new foundation and we have been so lucky to have chosen Sumac to manage our database. Since we are an educational foundation, we have to do major updates on our information every year, and only the program has made it possible. Sumac is so logical that we feel in control of all our information, and the staff at Sumac has been so helpful that I have begun to be disappointed with all the other technical support I have to deal with. We are looking forward to a long and fruitful association.

When I started at Peggy Baker Dance Projects, Sumac was already in place. Having patron and donor information all in one place made learning a new position so much easier. Also as I was learning the system and implementing new procedures, Sumac Customer Support was just a QUICK phone call away.

Peggy Baker Dance
Manager, Communications & Enrichment, Peggy Baker Dance

Before Sumac, contacts were scattered between each employee as each worked with specific lists of contacts. Now all contacts are merged in one place and accessible to all employees. Since we started to use Sumac in the past year, we have been much more efficient in managing our communications with our community, managing memberships, tracking registrations and attendance to our events. The database is helping our organization to develop at a higher level, better reaching it’s goals and enhance it’s influence in the community.

Le Labo
Communications, outreach and training coordinator, Le Labo Media Arts Centre

The MacLaren Art Centre has been using Sumac for several years now, and from the beginning we have appreciated and benefited from Sumac’s willingness to provide support throughout our learning curve. We also applaud Sumac’s commitment to continually update and expand the tools the software provides.

MacLaren Art Centre
Director of Development & Marketing, MacLaren Art Centre

We have been so pleased with how Sumac has streamlined our communications efforts at Loop Gallery. All of our contacts and communications are managed in a single location that is incredibly agile and easy to use. We are always looking for new ways to expand our scope and it’s great to have a CRM solution that can grow with us.

Loop Gallery
Marketing Committee, Loop Gallery
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