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Sumac is extremely intuitive and user friendly.  Client support services are excellent. – Sandra Marleau, Development u0026amp; Volunteer Coordinator

Jessie’s Centre is a multi-service resource centre for pregnant teenagers, young parents and their children. We have developed a variety of programs and services to meet the special needs of young families throughout the City of Toronto.

Our mission is to nurture the healthy development of pregnant teenagers, young parents and their children.

We are a pro-choice organization that supports a woman’s right to make choices about her sexual health and pregnancy options.

Jessie’s Centre promotes and endorses:

  • Comprehensive, accessible services for pregnant young women, young parents and their children
  • Opportunities for pregnant teenagers and young parents to exercise individual choice, experience personal empowerment, resolve problems successfully and move toward adult independence
  • A commitment to feminism, anti-discrimination, accessibility, anti-oppression and positive social change in every aspect of our structure and functioning
  • A supportive, respectful, anti-discriminatory approach to service delivery
  • Systemic or social change designed to promote equity, fairness and respect toward children and young parents


Jessie's Centre uses Sumac Donor software

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