Harold Green uses Sumac Non-profit Software

As I moved from Cahoots Theatre Projects to the Harold Green Jewish Theatre, the only software addition that I insisted on was Sumac. It’s the fastest and least
expensive way for me to communicate with stakeholders.
– Kendra Fry, General Manager.

Harold Green Jewish Theatre’s vision is to illuminate humanity through a Jewish perspective, celebrating and preserving Jewish culture by inviting artists and audiences to participate in live theatre, the meeting place of all the arts. We want our plays to delight and enlighten, to inspire and stir and to open hearts to humanity. We tell
stories to reveal truths, through a Jewish perspective, that deserve to be heard over and over again.

Jewish theatre has been part of our history and culture through the ages. Today more than ever there is a need for communication for our Jewish culture and values to the next generation. There are many important Jewish stories that need to be told. Some of them are already being told in vibrant Jewish communities around the world including New York, Montreal and Winnipeg.

HGJTC is the only not for profit, professional Jewish Theatre Company in Toronto of its kind. Our inaugural season in March of ‘08 took place t the newly renovated 500 seat Jane Mallett Theatre at the St.
Lawrence Center for the Arts. Launched by two high profile and well established Canadian actors; Avery Saltzman and David Eisner are devoting their careers to the Harold Green Jewish Theatre, preserving
Jewish culture, with world class theatre, for many years to come.

We welcome our diverse audiences as we would friends into our homes. In this electronic age of increasing social isolation, each performance brings together artists and audiences for a unique Jewish encounter.


Harold Green uses Sumac Donor Software

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