“We just renewed our subscription for our second year and have been very pleased with the features and performance.  Keep up the good work.”


– David McWhinney, Director, Accounting & Operations

The Canadian Energy Research Institute is an independent, not-for-profit research establishment created through a partnership of industry, academia, and government in 1975. Our mission is to provide relevant, independent, objective economic research in energy and related environmental issues.  We strive to build bridges between scholarship and policy, combining the insights of scientific research, economic analysis, and practical experience. In doing so, we broaden the knowledge of young researchers in areas related to energy, the economy, and the environment while honing their expertise in a range of analytical techniques.

Mission and Vision
Our mission is to provide relevant, independent and objective economic research in energy and environmental issues to benefit business, government, academia and the public.
The Institute envisaged by the Board of Directors is a unique research-focused organization whose output and staff are very highly regarded and respected both in Canada and abroad.
CERI’s economic studies are highly relevant and objective and the analysis and advice contained therein are sought by government and business planners and decision-makers.
CERI is envisaged as being a premier centre in its field in Canada and one of the most prestigious energy economics research institutes in the world. Because of its reputation, the Institute is often represented on national and international advisory panels and at conferences and symposiums deliberating energy and related environmental issues.

Members of the research team are proud to belong to an organization which is sought after by Canadian and foreign organizations because of its analytical capabilities and the insight and knowledge which it brings to a wide range of issues. Potential staff members are attracted to CERI literally from around the globe because of the challenging issues being addressed at the Institute and its reputation.


Website: www.ceri.ca

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