Sumac Roots

Here’s how it works:

[step link=”/product/how-it-works/” title=” ” icon=”leaf” size=”very-large” color=”#a0ce4d” ]


Start with the Basic CRM

[/step][step title=” ” link=”/product/how-it-works/add-ons/” icon=”cog” size=”very-large” color=”#a0ce4d” ]


Pick Add-on Options

[/step][step title=” ” link=”/product/how-it-works/customize/” icon=”tools” size=”very-large” color=”#a0ce4d” ]


Customize for your needs

[/step][step title=” “link=”/product/how-it-works/” icon=”keyboard” size=”very-large” color=”#f78c40″]

Tada! You have the perfect solution to manage your entire organization.

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