Sumac and Disabled People

Sumac and Disabled People


This document describes several features that make Sumac accessible to people with disabilities.


We continue to make changes to make the Sumac software, our support resources, and support processes more accessible.

Our budget is not unlimited, so we specifically do not commit to making any particular change to either the software or our support.

However, if you have a particular need that you think we could address, please let us know.

The Software

The Sumac software supports features to assist some users.

For users who have trouble reading text on a screen, Sumac supports six font sizes (ranging from very small to very large) to make it easier to read text at a size that the user finds convenient.

Sumac also supports a special high contrast black and white colour scheme to assist users with visual impairments.

For users with physical disabilities that hinder their ability to use a mouse, Sumac can assign keyboard equivalents to command buttons (e.g. New, Duplicate, Export, Print, Delete, etc.).

Sumac can store data in any language. Its user interface can be presented in English, French, or Spanish.

Support Resources

Sumac provides a thorough text-based Users Guide for all clients. It documents all modules available in the Sumac software. This is a PDF document that can be read in a variety of readers, adjusting the size of the text to enable easier reading.

Much of our support is offered through our website, It allows the zoom feature of your browser to greatly enlarge the pages for easier reading.

A lot of Sumac is documented in videos:

  • Each how-to videos has a corresponding script. These scripts include a text transcription of the audio, as well as a description of the corresponding video and keyboard and cursor actions so that users who are hard of hearing can follow along.
  • The videos include closed captioning so people who have trouble hearing the sound track can follow along with the subtitles.
  • The videos can be resized to fill the screen, assisting users with visual impairments.
  • A viewer can slow down the playback speed of the training videos, and the audio and close captioning still work well. This means that the videos can help people working in their second language.

Support Processes

Multi-Media Support
You can obtain support for Sumac by phoning our support team. Alternatively, you can send your request for help by email (to [email protected]) or through the Sumac website (see

Support Calls
Our support team can handle support calls, including training, with clients who are hard of hearing. Support team members are trained to use a screen sharing program that allows them to connect to a client’s computer to provide support. Interaction can be spoken, or questions and answers can be done through messaging, typing into a text document while sharing screens.

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