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Sumac Reports automatically sorts through mounds of information, quickly replying to vital queries and supporting your staff with the quality and quantity of data needed to perform in-depth analysis of fundraising and mission based activities in your community.

Sumac reports were developed with the best fundraising professionals and consultants.

With Sumac, we got the perfect solution – excellent customer service and an easy-to-use product at an affordable price…

Communications Manager, Transforming Faces

Features of Sumac Reporting

  • Generate reports rapidly with a couple of clicks. Choose a report and it appears in a few seconds.
  • Print the details of a report or preview the results on-screen.
  • Save your reports in a file that can be opened with other programs (e.g. spreadsheets) for further presentation or analysis.
  • Create ad hoc reports with searching, sorting and field selection from every part of Sumac.
  • Specify additional details involving time periods, data inclusion and information organization with configurable reports that order Sumac to produce precise results.
  • Specialized reports allow you to specify customized data groupings. For example, if you produce a donor roll grouped by giving level, you can specify your particular levels of giving.

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