Remote Installation Information

How to connect – We use a screen sharing program to connect screen. You can download it in advance here. When it’s time for your installation, we will call you at the number your provided during scheduling.

How to prepare

If you licensed Sumac Gold (self-hosted, not online), or if you separately purchased installation services, we install and configure your database. You need to do a bit of preparation work in advance: downloading some files so that the remote installation process will proceed quickly and smoothly.

On Each User Computer:

Step 1: Get Java

Make sure that each computer that will be running Sumac has the most recent version of the Java run-time environment (JRE).

The Frequently Asked Questions in the Support section of tell you how to do this. Above you will find FAQs titled How do I install the most recent Java on my Windows/Macintosh/Linux computer? Choose the one that applies to your computer, then follow the instructions to install the current version of Java.

Step 2: Install Sumac

Click here to install Sumac on each user computer. The first time Sumac runs on each computer, it asks which database to connect to. Just click Cancel. The database does not yet exist, so you should not specify these settings yet. Now that you have done all this preparation work on each user computer, once the server is set up, it will take just a few seconds to get Sumac running.

On The Server

Use your browser to download some software to be installed on your server. DO NOT install it: just download it so it is ready for Sumac personnel to install and configure.

Direct your browser to:

Use this user ID: [email protected] There is no password. Although you may be asked (more than once) to enter a password, just enter nothing at all and click OK.

You should get a directory listing that shows (amongst other things): Server Software. Click to open Server Software. Inside Server Software, click to open the folder that applies to your server: Windows or Macintosh.

If Windows, then download all the files in this directory.

If Macintosh, then download the files appropriate to your version of the operating system and processor. Also, download the files in the folder “All Macintosh”.


If you have questions, contact Technical Support

USA +1 716 844 6770 x 2

CAN +1 416 504 8724 x 2

[email protected]