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You may have heard by now that Income Manager has been acquired by Advanced Solutions International (ASI). Income Manager was a Canadian nonprofit software company, that had approximately 650 clients in
Canada, the U.S. and Bermuda.

It is uncertain what ASI’s plans are now, and current Income Manager users may be confused about where they stand in terms of future development and support. If you were unhappy with Income Manager, you may be thinking now is a good time to start considering other options. Sumac is a great alternative fundraising and non-profit software!    

“Switching over to Sumac from Income Manager has made things much more productive at the Mississauga Arts Council. It easily manages our membership, donations, events, campaigns, reporting and more. Transition between systems was faster and easier than I could have imagined. Our administration processes have been streamlined in a way that was never possible before. We finally have control over our data and a real picture of everything we do!” ~ Sandra Cina, Membership Manager

Sumac Offers

A far superior product with way better searching, and segmenting capabilities than Income Manager. See an example of how simple Sumac searching is here

Incredibly low monthly fees, so you’ll be paying less than you ever did with Income Manager. See pricing chart here.

The absolute best, most attentive customer service team who will help make the transition from Income Manager as smooth as possible. We have lots of Canadian clients. See what they have to say here.

Stability: continued service and support without interruption.


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