Data Conversion Guide 4-C

Data Migration

Step 4-C: Clean Your Data

Your responsibility: Clear up any old data issues that are now apparent in Sumac.

Time frame: 1-4 weeks

Guidelines: Because Sumac makes it so easy to view and analyze your data, you may suddenly see redundancies, inconsistencies, duplicates, or other data problems which you had not noticed before. Don’t panic! This is a good opportunity to clean up your data, and Sumac has tools and training to help you do it.

  • Redundant or Inconsistent Data: Sumac has several standard features (searching, bulk editing, etc.) that will enable you to clean these up quickly. Our Sumac Gurus will be happy to provide guidance and show you how to use these tools.
  • Duplicate Contacts: Sumac has several commands to help you find and remove duplicate contacts after the data migration is performed. Our Sumac Gurus will be happy to show you how to clean up your duplicates.
    Key Considerations:

  • Should you have any questions or concerns, contact a Sumac Guru! Our data migration experts do their best to understand your data and your needs. However, they are human, and it is impossible for them to anticipate every possible data issue that might arise. Any database is a constant work in progress, and we are committed to ensuring Sumac meets your needs.

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