Data Conversion Guide 3-B

Data Migration

Step 3-B: We Migrate the Data

Our responsibility: Your Sumac data migration expert formats and imports your data, as outlined in the approved Data Mapping document. When the migration is complete, we will install your database and provide you with instructions for accessing it.

Time frame: 3 weeks

Guidelines: In addition to following any instructions specified in the Data Mapping document, your Sumac data migration expert will make the following changes to the formatting of your data so that it conforms with Sumac’s requirements:

1. Last Name: this is a mandatory field in Sumac. Any contact records that do not contain last names or business/organization names will be given the Last Name “[unknown]”.

2. Phone/Fax Numbers:

  • In North America, must conform to the 10-digit standard (000-000-0000), including area code.
  • Where the area code is not specified, we will default to your organization’s area code.
  • Where extensions are included, these will be placed in the related extension field for residence and business phone numbers. They will be stripped out for cell and fax numbers.
  • Where records contain email or website addresses, these will be placed in the appropriate fields.
  • International numbers (outside North America) will be preceded with a “+”.
  • All other text will be stripped out.
  • Any entries exceeding 30 characters will be cut off at 30 characters.

3. Currency Amounts: must be in “0.00” format. The “$” symbol and references to currency type (USD, CAD, etc.) will be stripped out.

4. Date: must be in yyyy-mm-dd format.

  • Where the year is missing, we will default to 1900.
  • Where month is missing, we will default to 01.
  • Where day is missing, we will default to 01.
  • Where order of day, month, and year is ambiguous (eg. 01/02/08), we will make our best guess based on the data provided.

5. Postal Codes:

  • In Canada, must conform to the Canada Post standard A1A 1A1, where A is a letter and 1 is a digit, with a space separating the third and fourth characters.
  • In the United States, must conform to the USPS standard of five numerical digits plus, if applicable, a hyphen and four numerical digits.

All other data will be left as is.

We encounter small data problems in virtually every data migration we perform. Any problems encountered during migration (e.g. missing mandatory data, ambiguous data) will be noted in the Data Mapping document.

Key Considerations:

  • We cannot make any assumptions about your data. This means that, unless specified in the Data Mapping document, we will not address the following data problems:
    • Duplicates Contacts: if the same name appears several times in your data, we cannot assume that it is the same person. You will be responsible for merging duplicates during the Implementation Phase.
    • Lookup Lists: All field values (drop-down menus options, multiple checkboxes options, etc.) will be imported as is. For example, if a column of data contains the contact type values “board”, “board member”, and “board mber”, your Sumac data migration expert is not in a position to decide that these three values mean the same thing. All three values will thus appear in your Sumac list of Contact Types. You will be responsible for cleaning up Lookup Lists during the Implementation Phase.


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