Data Conversion Guide 2-D

Data Migration

Step 2-D: Repeat Step 2-C as Necessary

It usually takes a few amendment-phone-call cycles to get a final data mapping. When you and your data migration expert no longer have questions for each other, they will send you a final Data Mapping document, along with a Data Mapping Sign-Off form.

Your responsibility: Find the answers to any questions you could not answer during your meeting with your data migration expert, and contact us to set a time to go over the Data Mapping document with your data migration expert again.

Our responsibility: If your data migration expert is unsure about how to best handle any unique data needs, they will consult with colleagues to work out the best possible approach. After again discussing the Data Mapping document with you, they will send you another revised document.

Time frame: 1 week per repetition

Key Considerations:

  • This is the most important part of the data migration process, since it is when we identify exactly how your data will be migrated into Sumac. Your involvement at this stage of the process is crucial to the success of your data migration.
  • While we understand that you are probably keen on getting up and running with Sumac, it is important not to rush this part of the migration. The more time we spend on ensuring that your Sumac database is set up correctly at the time of migration, the less time you will need to “tweak” it, or deal with data issues during the Implementation Phase.
  • The better you know and understand your data, and the more prepared you are for Data Mapping discussions, the fewer times you will need to repeat this step.

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