Which Add-on Options are Right for Me

Which Add-on Options are Right for Me

Add-on Option

Do you need it?


If you run only one silent auction each year, and you auction off 20 to 30 items, then this Add-on is more than you need. But if you have a large auction, or several smaller ones, or if your night-of process is chaotic, the Auctions Add-on will help.

Auditions u0026amp; Submissions

If you request or receive submissions for artistic and community-based programs, this Add-on will be helpful.

Case Management

If you manage client, case notes or service delivery, then you need this Add-on Option.

Course Registration

If you run a school or present many courses, keeping track of students’ attendance and exam results, then this Add-on Option will be useful.

If you occasionally run a more informal course, perhaps over a weekend or evening, the regular communication capabilities of the Basic CRM should suffice.

Collection Management

If your organization is a museum or has a large museum-like collection or archive, this Add-on Option is for you.


If you have specialized needs, data, or programs that do not fit in other Add-on Options, you should get the Custom Add-on.


If your organization needs to collect additional information from individuals on your website or in-house through questionnaires, applications, or requests, then get the Forms Add-on.

Grant Management

If you apply for 10 or more grants per year, the Grant Management Add-on will help you stay organized and make your efforts more effective.

Job Search

If your organization is a human service organization that helps clients find jobs, this Add-on will saves you time and help get the paper work under control.


Memberships is for organizations that manage a membership program, typically with an annual renewal fee and cycle and multiple levels of membership (e.g. family, single, student, retired). If your organization uses the term “member” to refer to certain donors or clients, but does not actually run a separate membership program, then you don’t need this Add-on.


If you have more than 10 pledges (monthly donors) to manage, then the Pledges Add-on will save you a lot of time..


If you have at least a half-time person doing planned giving work, or regularly encounter complex or structured gift situations, then the Proposals Add-on will help.


If you have several years of historical data about donations and/or event attendance, this Add-on Option can help you prioritize your search for potentially more committed donors, or for constituents to help as volunteers or board members.


Get the Reminders Add-on if your organization wants to implement multi-step action plans, or set up reminders/meetings connected to contacts in your database.


If you sell goods or services, this Add-on will be helpful to track sales and process payments.


Choose this Add-on Option if you regularly sell tickets to events.

Tour Booking

If your organization puts performers into venues, perhaps schools, on a regular basis, this Add-on Option is a good idea.


If you have 50 or more volunteers, consider adding this Add-on Option.

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