Cahoots uses Sumac Non-profit Software

We’re big fans of Sumac at Cahoots. First, the interface is highly intuitive which is important for a company like ours where we have a lot of volunteers and new faces coming in to update our data. Second, the product does everything we need from communications to donation tracking. Finally, the quality of customer support is superior to any other product I’ve seen.” “Any questions we’ve had have been addressed in a prompt, professional, and courteous manner. I have recommended this product to many colleagues and will continue to do so in the future – Jovanni Sy , Artistic Director

Cahoots Theatre Projects is dedicated to the creation, development, and production of new Canadian plays that reflect our cultural diversity. Based in one of the most ethnoculturally diverse cities in the world, in a country comprised of a multitude of races, language, histories, and ethnicities, we hold that theatre should reflect the richness, diversity, and complexity that we live daily. Diversity means more than race or nation of origin or ethnicity. it also encompasses gender, sexual orientation, ability, language, and class. We recognize that people are complex creatures who define and invent themselves in multiple, dynamic, and ever-changing ways.

Cahoots theatre Projects is committed to theatrical work that probes the complexities of our individual identities and our social relationships. Our writers and plays get to the heart of what it means to live, work, play, love, and dream in contemporary Canadian culture.


Cahoots uses Sumac

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