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5 Great Fundraising Videos

Ever think of substituting your fundraising letter for a video? You might want to try it! There’s no better way to stir emotions and draw people in to tell them a story about your need than a carefully crafted video. The music, the pictures and the voice all help you to express your need in a way that a letter never could.

Here are 5 great fundraising videos that we hope will inspire you. They all have a few things in common: They provoke emotion, tell about a need, and ask for a donation. To make a successful fundraising video, yours should do these three things too.

  1. It’s in Your Hands by
    This video is incredibly powerful. It shows how simple saving thousands of lives can be by investing in the tools needed to build a Tippy Tap. The video won last year’s DoGooder Nonprofit Video Award for Best Thrifty Video.
  2. Show Your Mercy by Second Harvest Food Bank. This video does an incredibly good job of telling a story of need. The professional actors help to emphasize why the food bank really needs your help and what you can do to help. You can get one of these videos made for your organization through Sales Forward Consulting.
  3. Clean Water for the Bayaka by charity: water
    It’s hard not to be inspired by this video; the music, the enthusiasm, and the story of the Bayaka people. What’s important, however, is that in this story we are told what charity: water has done, what they plan to do, and how we can help!
  4. The Great Storm by a group of four Houston-area playwrights. This video is a great example of how you can fundraise even on a small budget. The video does a great job of telling about this new play series, and what you can do to help them make it a reality.
  5. Meet Bobbi and Ia from Chronicle Season of Sharing
    This video is unique in that it takes you into the world of one person in need and one donor. It effectively makes the case for giving based on both the impact it will have on someone’s life, like Bobbi, and the impact it will have on your own.Need a video for your non-profit? Check out Room Temp Productions

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