What is Wisely?

Founded in 2017 by technology, data and fundraising experts, Wisely is an AI-based fundraising solution that helps nonprofits raise more money.

Connecting directly to your CRM, Wisely uses AI and machine learning to help identify valuable prospects within your database so you’re not leaving money on the table. Easily digestible and actionable analytics let frontline fundraisers feel confident in their solicitations by providing the right dollar figure and the right time to make an ask.

Wisely works with organizations across the not-for-profit sector, including healthcare foundations, higher education institutions, and a variety of cause and cure organizations.

How does Wisely help?

  • Prospect identification and easy assignment
    Never let a donor slip through the cracks again! Simply review Wisely’s prioritized new prospect list and uncover your next mid level and major gift donors.
  • Build or Expand Fundraiser Portfolios
    Easily review portfolios along with expected value of prospects. Find the people in your database that you should be talking to and assign them to a team member with just one click.
  • Next Gift Amount and Time to Next Gift predictions
    Fundraisers always know the right amount to ask for and when to make an ask, thanks to real time data analysis.
  • Fundraiser portfolio prioritization
    No more searching through spreadsheets and databases to figure out what prospects you should be talking to. Let Wisely prioritize your portfolio so you can focus on building relationships.

Looking for more?

You can get started today for as little as $150/month! That’s like adding a data analyst and prospect researcher to your team for $5 a day. Want to see Wisely magic in real time? Book a demo today! 

Email: [email protected]
Website: www.fundraisewisely.com

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