Wildlife Conservation Society uses Sumac Non-profit Software

Sumac is really user-friendly and meets all the donor management needs of WCS Canada – Elizabeth

(Biz) Agnew, Associate Director   WCS is a recognized global leader in conservation and for more than a century has excelled in field research and developing strategies for saving wildlife and wild places. Our vision for Canada is to ensure that conservation principles are in place first, before development, so that our future generations may cherish Canada’s wildlife and wild places.

WCS is the only national conservation organization in Canada using wildlife-focused scientific research to solve conservation problems. WCS uses research to explore nature’s systems and mechanisms and to gather information on wildlife. We are rigorously guided by scientific principles. For organizations that are “science-based,” and local groups, communities and agencies with whom we partner, WCS provides the latest scientific information to allow such groups to include conservation science in their decision-making.

WCS is distinguished from other conservation groups because:

• We are comprised primarily of wildlife-focused PhD-level field-based staff.

• We generate science to be applied directly to solve conservation problems.

• We provide scientific expertise to conservation partners with mutual goals.

• WCS is non-advocacy and focuses primarily on lands where opportunities for large–scale conservation still exist.

The race is on to safeguard the wild places and wild animals that still thrive in Canada. Global climate change, natural resource extraction, and habitat fragmentation continue to threaten the survival of much of our natural world. WCS Canada draws on a century-long tradition of scientific excellence, adding to a history of practical conservation science that began with the first WCS research projects here in the early 1900s. We have developed a fully Canadian organization that is a vital part of the world’s pre-eminent conservation research network.

Website: Wildlife Conservation Society Canada

Wildlife Conservation Society uses Sumac Non-profit Software

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