What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL Certificate is a small file, installed on your web server to enable a secure connection from a browser to your website.

Why use SSL?
When a visitor submits sensitive data to a website, the data passes through numerous servers before reaching its destination. Attackers can intercept and read this information.

SSL encrypts sensitive information being sent over the Internet. This means that sensitive data, like credit card numbers, user names, and passwords, can only be understood by the organization receiving that information.

Why do I need one?

  • To reduce risk of sensitive information being stolen from your constituents
  • To gain trust from your web visitors
  • To comply with PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards
  • To increase your ranking in search engines

How can I tell if we already have one or not?
Try one of these methods:

1. Go to your website. If the address bar starts with “http:” then you are not using SSL. If it starts with “https:” then you are using SSL.

2. Go to your website. Look for an icon that looks like a closed padlock – it could be in the address bar or at the bottom in the status bar. If you see it, your website is using SSL.

3. Right-click a blank area and select View Page Info or Properties. Look for the Connection or Security option. Here you’ll see the status of the encryption of the website.

4. Ask the person in charge of your website.

How do I get one?
Contact your web host provider and request to purchase an SSL certificate.