Website Integration Guide

Sumac’s Web Integration Package offers eight unique web page templates (packages) for your organization to use with your database. The Sign up, Contact Update and Donation Pages are available to any configuration of the Sumac database. The other pages that are available to you depend on the add-ons that your organization is licensed for. For example, if you sell memberships with your Sumac configuration, then you will have access to the membership package for Web Integration. This way, members are able to go to your website to purchase a membership at any time. As soon as they purchase the membership, your database updates automatically. Many other modules in Sumac offer web integration as well, and a full list of our pages is below:

Since each organization is different, you are able to make minor adjustments in the presentation of your web pages to fit your organization’s needs.


As you make changes in your Sumac database, they might not show online instantly. Before you give us a call, try these few tricks to see if you can get your changes to take effect:

  • Wait up to 30 minutes, then refresh your page again.
  • You may also need to restart your Sumac console in order for the changes to take place.
  • It is also helpful to clear the Cache of your web browser, as it may have saved the old appearance of the page, and may not be loading the new one.

If you have completed the following steps and still do not see your changes appear online, please contact [email protected]

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