Website Integration Guide – General

When you purchase the Sumac Web integration service, we provide you with web pages that link to your Sumac database. These pages come in the form of packages. The packages that are available to you depend on which add-ons are activated in your Sumac Database. However, regardless of your specific database set-up, certain pages are available to every set-up. These pages are the Contact Sign Up (or Communication Sign Up page) and the Donation page. In this section we are reviewing the contact sign up page, and the possible customization that you can manage from within your Sumac Database. For advanced level customization inquiries, please contact our support team.

Sign-Up Pages

When a new contact comes to any of your Sumac pages, they are presented with standard contact fields. Every record in Sumac is linked to a contact record. If the contact does not already exist in your database, then they need to create a new record. In order to do so, Sumac presents them first with a page that looks like the image below. The fields that you see in this window are standard contact record fields that populate directly into the contact record. To see a table of the available fields and where they appear in Sumac, please see the table below.
Website Integration
Website Integration

Other options for these fields

The table above is a complete list of the available fields, but it is possible that your web package does not have all the fields activated by default. If you would like to see some changes, then please contact our support team. We have included any other customization that you can perform in your database that will affect your web page below:

Language Preferences

Before you are able to use this field, you can populate drop down menu options in your database. To add options to this list, go to Sumac Console/Utilities/Customize Database/Lookup Lists/Area: Contacts, Lookup List: Languages.

You are able to change the label that Sumac uses for both language fields from Sumac Console/Utilities/Customize Database/Preferences/Contacts/Label for the Language Field.

Address Settings

To have Sumac to change certain settings in the way it displays and uses Address fields, see Sumac Console/Utilities/Customize Database/Preferences/Country.

Here you can change which tab in the contact record Sumac uses when a contact enters their address. By default, they are stored in the residential address tab, but you can specify for Sumac to store them in the Business Address tab by setting the Are addresses entered from the website residence or business addresses? check box in Sumac Console/Utilities/Customize Database/Preferences/Web Integration.

In this same Preference area, you are able to set a preference for incorrect address handling by setting the Should addresses entered from the website reject or allow unrecognized postal codes? Check box. This setting uses the postal standard indicated in the Country Tab of the Preferences window.

Note: If you set this preference, you are not able to accept postal codes that are different from your expected entry. For example, if you have set this up to expect Canadian postal codes, it will not accept a US zip code.

Personal Email Address

In Sumac Console/Utilities/Customize Database/Preferences/Web Integration, you are able to set a preference where Sumac prohibits a contact from creating a new record if their email address already exists in the database. Do this by setting the Require email addresses entered from the website be unique? Check box. You would want to enforce this to avoid duplicates in the database.

Note that there are two available fields for a contact to enter their email address online; one email field, and an email verification field. If you require a contact to enter their address twice online, Sumac can compare the addresses against each other and ensure they are the same.


If you would like to password protect your contact’s records when they log in online, you must create a password field, then tell Sumac to use it with your web page. To do this, complete the following:

  1. Create an Extra field in the contact record where Sumac can hold the Contact’s password. To do so, open Sumac Console/Utilities/Customize Database/Lookup Lists. Once in the Lookup list window, select Areas: Contacts, and Lookup Lists: Extra Fields.
  2. Click New and set the preferences you would like for your Password field. We recommend the following.
    Website Integration
  3. You must set this field up in Console/Utilities/Customize Database/Preferences/Website Integration. In the Web Integration tab, tell Sumac the Field name of the custom contact field you have indicated as holding the online password for this contact. If you use the recommended settings above, enter Password into this field.

How did you hear about us?

If you wish for contacts to indicate how they heard about your organization, you must first create the list of options for them to choose from. The area to set this up is found in Sumac Console/Utilities/Customize Database/Lookup Lists. In the Lookup List window, select Areas: Contacts, and Lookup Lists: Contact Sources. Click New to add any sources that you would like have appear online. If you do not want a certain source to show online, set the do not show on web checkbox.

Communication Preferences

Communication preferences can be shown on any of the pages where you create a new account. Before you are able to see Communication Preferences online, you must first define Communication Types in your database. Then tell Sumac to show them online. Perform the following steps:

  1. Open Sumac Console/Utilities/Customize Database/Lookup Lists. Select Areas: Communications, and Lookup Lists: Communication Types.
    If you do not have any Communication Types set in your database, then…
    A) Click New, and complete the dialog that appears. In this step you are able to define the communication type, and how Sumac uses it.
    If you have existing Communication Types you would like to use online, then…
    B) Select the entry you wish to add online and double click to open it.
  2. Set the Show on Web checkbox. Click OK

Other areas you can customize

Send Email Automatically After Receiving a Sign-up

Sumac is able to send an automatic email to the contact when they sign up to your contact list online. Specify the template for Sumac to use for the automatic email in the preferences area: Sumac Console/ Utilities/Customize Database/Preferences/Contacts Tab: Web Integration. If you are not seeing any options in this drop down menu, then you need to load templates into Sumac through Sumac Console/ Utilities/Customize Database/Lookup Lists/Area: Communications, Lookup List: Document Templates. Once you have set up this automatic email, anytime a new contact is added to your database through a webpage, they will receive this email. This means that when a new contact donates, they will receive both your donation thank you letter, and this email.

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