Upgrading from a Free Trial

If you want to delete the Free Trial with its data and start fresh:

Step 1

Locate and delete the “Sumac Settings” folder. On Windows, you can find this folder in C:Documents and SettingsYourName OR C:UsersYourName On Mac, you can find this folder by clicking the ‘Go’ at the top of your screen, and selecting ‘Home’ and then searching for the folder.

Step 2

Follow instructions for installing Sumac for the first time below

If you want to upgrade your Free Trial to Bronze or Silver and keep all your data:

Step 1

Navigate to Utilities/Customize Database/Offices.

Step 2

Open your default office record, and change the Office Name to match the Office Name you were e-mailed. (It must be exact)

Step 3

Go to Utilities/Sumac Administration/Change License, and enter the security code you were given. (It must be exact) When you restart Sumac, your trial database and all of its data will now be converted into your Bronze or Silver database.

If you want to keep your Free Trial, and your new database as separate databases:

Step 1

Navigate to Utilities/Sumac Administration/Use New Database.

Step 2

On the following screen, select “Single User Database” and then enter the information as it appears in the email you received from us, and click OK. When you restart Sumac, you will have a drop down menu with the option to choose either database.
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