Sumac says someone else is editing a record, but no one is. How can I edit the record?

When you edit certain types of records (e.g. contacts, programs, ticket orders) Sumac locks the record so that only one person can edit it at once. If, while the record is still being edited, Sumac is terminated or the computer crashes, the record is left locked.

Later, when someone tries to edit the locked record, Sumac prevents the record from being used, thinking it is already in use.

See Solution below.

Sumac says it is unable to save a new record into the database. How can I fix this problem?

The most common reason that Sumac is unable to save a record is that your connection to the Sumac database has been terminated. If this is so, quit Sumac and restart it. If you cannot log on to Sumac, then probably something is wrong with your network or server.

If your connection to the Sumac database is working correctly, then the problem may relate to locks. Sumac needs to lock records in order to assign ID numbers to new records being saved to the database. If the locking mechanism is confused, then it may be impossible to save a record to the database. In this case, see Solution below.


A Sumac administrator can unlock it by choosing the Clear All Locks command from the Administrator menu.

Occasionally, existing network connections may prevent the unlocking from working correctly the first time. In this situation, get all users to stop using Sumac. Then have one administrative user log on to Sumac and choose the Clear All Locks command from the Administrator menu.