Download Free Standard Version

Download Standard Version

The standard version provides good security, and if you ensure that TeamViewer is terminated when your support call completes, then no one will be able to remotely view your screen. Please note: If you use this version, you are not PCI-DSS compliant.

Download Extra Secure Paid Version

Download Extra Secure Version

If you are particularly concerned about security, and worried that you or your staff may forget to terminate TeamViewer, then you can get a special version that provides an extra measure of security.

Comparison Chart



Extra Secure

You phone a Sumac Support Guru and agree to let the Guru view your computer’s screen.

You run TeamViewer.

You tell the Guru your 9-digit TeamViewer ID. The Guru enters the 9-digit ID into his version of TeamViewer.

You tell the Guru support your 4-digit TeamViewer session password. The Guru enters the session password into his version of TeamViewer.

You enter your email address into TeamViewer and it sends your cell phone a temporary security code (which changes every 30 seconds).

You enter the security code from your cell phone into TeamViewer on your computer.

Now you are connected. The Guru can see your computer screen and, if you allow it, control your mouse and keyboard.

The connection between you and the Guru is encrypted so only you and the Guru can see what is on your screen.

When you are finished, you terminate the TeamViewer program on your computer. Once you terminate TeamViewer, no one can use it to connect to your computer until you run it again.

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