Welcome New Users!

These videos have been selected from our complete list of training videos to give you an introduction to using Sumac. We recommend watching them in the order they’re listed below.

And when you’re done with these, we’ve got lots more training videos you can dive into to become a Sumac expert here!


New User Training Videos

General Data Entry

1Start/Logon & Sumac Console (1:40)ScriptVideo
2Contacts Window Overview (6:07)ScriptVideo
4Explore a Contact Record (7:02)ScriptVideo
3Add New Contacts (2:39)ScriptVideo
5Add a Record to a Contact (1:46)ScriptVideo
15Manage Households (5:06)ScriptVideo
18Create a Communication Record (4:53)ScriptVideo
20Create a New Donation Record (4:34)ScriptVideo

Search Your Data

53Searching 1 – Basic Concept of Searching (7:13)ScriptVideo
54Searching 2 – Searching in list using Operators (2:28)ScriptVideo
55Searching 3 – Searching in lists: Using multiple criteria (6:24)ScriptVideo
56Searching 4 – Searching in list: Tips and Troubleshooting (3:02)ScriptVideo
6Search Builder (5:50)ScriptVideo
7List Builder (1:37)ScriptVideo

Built in Tools

16Export (1:46)ScriptVideo
17Print (1:21)ScriptVideo
13Bulk Edit (1:50)ScriptVideo

Basic Mailing

8Make Template (5:29)ScriptVideo
9Create Personalized Letters Using Mail Merge (3:15)ScriptVideo
10Create Labels/Envelopes (3:20)ScriptVideo
40Create html template (6:37)ScriptVideo
11Send Bulk Email (4:25)ScriptVideo