How-to Videos – Donations

20BasicCreate a New Donation Record (4:34)ScriptVideo
21BasicAssign Batches (4:00)ScriptVideo
9ReceiptsCreate Personalized Letters Using Mail Merge (3:15)ScriptVideo
22ReceiptsMake Donation Receipts (4:03)ScriptVideo
43ReceiptsCreate Annual Donation Summary Letters (U.S. Style)(4:01)ScriptVideo
23ReceiptsEmail Donation Receipts (7:18)ScriptVideo
24Other ToolsExplore Donations (1:18)ScriptVideo
25Other ToolsUseful Donation Reports (2:40)ScriptVideo
41ImportingImport Donations (8:50)ScriptVideo
47DonationsHow to Make a Copy of a Tax Receipt (3:05)ScriptVideo
48DonationsHow to Cancel an Invalid Tax Receipt (4:16)ScriptVideo

Search & Queries

531. Basic Concept of Searching (7:13)ScriptVideo
542. Searching in a list using Operators (2:28)ScriptVideo
553. Searching in list using multiple search criteria (6:24)ScriptVideo
564. Searching in list: Tips and Troubleshooting (3:02)ScriptVideo