How-to Videos – Contacts

2BasicContacts Window Overview (6:07)ScriptVideo
3BasicAdd New Contact (2:39)ScriptVideo
4BasicWhat is in a Contact Record (7:02)ScriptVideo
5BasicAdd Record to Contact (1:46)ScriptVideo
6SearchingSearch Builder (5:50)ScriptVideo
7SearchingList Builder (1:37)ScriptVideo
8MailingsMake Template (5:29)ScriptVideo
9MailingsCreate Personalized Letters/Mail Merge (3:15)ScriptVideo
10MailingsCreate Labels/Envelopes (3:20)ScriptVideo
11MailingsSend Bulk Email (4:25)ScriptVideo
12MailingsReceive Email (4:53)ScriptVideo
13Other ToolsBulk Edit  (1:50)ScriptVideo
14Other ToolsResolve Duplicates (4:31)ScriptVideo
15Other ToolsHouseholds (5:06)ScriptVideo
16Other ToolsExport (1:46)ScriptVideo
17Other ToolsPrint (1:21)ScriptVideo
40EmailCreate html template (6:37)ScriptVideo

Search & Queries

531. Basic Concept of Searching (7:13)ScriptVideo
542. Searching in a list using Operators (2:28)ScriptVideo
553. Searching in list using multiple search criteria (6:24)ScriptVideo
564. Searching in list: Tips and Troubleshooting (3:02)ScriptVideo