1. How do I set up Time Tracking?

Time Tracking is part of the Basic CRM – every Sumac installation has it. Before using it, you need to specify programs. Programs identify areas where people perform the work being recorded: e.g. transportation, office work, kitchen work, outreach. Use the Lookup Lists command in the Administrator menu to specify your programs.

Then at the end of the year or month, you can produce reports that break down time by program. Note, by the way, that you can record both volunteer and staff time this way too. For example, if you get a grant to provide transportation for clients, and need to report on the time spent doing transportation, you could record both staff and volunteer time to get a complete picture of the hours being spent on transportation.

Finally, you need to tell Sumac that you want it to show Time Dockets in the Sumac Console window. In the Sumac console window, click Utilities/Customize Database/Preferences/Time Dockets. Then click to turn on the checkbox “Show a button for Time Dockets in the Sumac console”.

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