1. How do I configure the information needed for ticketed events?

Before you can order tickets, you must enter information about the ticketed event, its venue, pricing of seats, and the layout of seats in the venue, taxes, surcharges, and discounts. All this information is set up using the Lookup Lists command in the Administrator menu. The Ticket Order chapter of the Sumac Users Guide suggests the order in which this information can be most conveniently entered.

    1. Where can I get paper for printing tickets?

Sumac can print tickets on high speed ticket printers. Sumac works with any ticket printer that has a standard printer driver. We have negotiated a discount for Sumac users to buy printers from Boca

In addition, Sumac can print tickets on standard sized paper on standard computer printers. You can print on ordinary white bond paper and cut the tickets to size.

For a better looking ticket, you can get paper, in different weights and colours, that is already perforated for tickets. Here are links to some companies that may be able to help (use Google to find more):

Paper Stock



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