Sumac Technical Specifications

This information is provided as a guide only. The functionality of Sumac may vary based on your system configuration. Some features of Sumac require additional system resources or network connectivity.

Sumac Desktop

System Specifications

Windows 10
Windows 8
64-bit (Recommended)
2GHz dual core minimum4GB minimum
8GB recommended
OSX 10.1364-bit2GHz dual core minimum4GB minimum
8GB recommended
Debian 8+
Ubuntu 16.04 or later
with Gnome desktop environment
64-bit2GHz dual core minimum4GB minimum
8GB recommended

Display Specifications

The recommended monitor or screen resolution for Sumac is 1920×1080. Sumac will still work at other resolutions, but users may experience reduced usability or other graphical issues.

Self-Hosted Sumac

In addition to the above requirements, if you are self-hosting your Sumac database, a computer with the following specifications is also required to host your database.

If you are using the Sumac Cloud hosting service, no additional server is required.

Server Computer Hardware Specifications:

Dual core processor
10GB free HDD space

Required Software for Server Computer:

MySQL 5.7 Community Edition
– Available for free
– The team at Sumac will help you set this up during installation
– Minimum version 5.7.13, recommended version 5.7.27 or higher

Operating System:

Please refer to this table for a list of operating systems supported by MySQL 5.7:

Internet and Network

Sumac itself does not require a continuous connection to the Internet to run. However some specific features of Sumac do (see details below). In order to have access to all of these features we recommend a minimum Internet connection speed of 5mbit/s.

An Internet connection is required during initial setup and installation of the Sumac Desktop application.

Software Updates
Sumac requires a connection to the Internet in order to download the latest security and feature updates.

Sumac Cloud
Customers who are using Sumac Cloud will require an Internet connection at all times in order to access their hosted database.

Sumac support services
Additional Internet bandwidth may be required to fully utilise some of our support services, such as remote assistance.

Self-hosted Sumac
Customers who are self-hosting their Sumac database must have a network connection to their server computer in order to access their database. A local-only network is acceptable but please note the above limitations.

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