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Getting Started

1BasicStart/Logon & Sumac Console (1:45)ScriptVideo

Customizing Your Database

30CustomizingCustomize Your Database (3:12)ScriptVideo
31CustomizingLookup Lists (2:41)ScriptVideo
32CustomizingAdd Tabs to Contact Record (6:01)ScriptVideo
33CustomizingCreate a Grow Your Own Module (8:44)ScriptVideo
34CustomizingDonation Preferences (4:02)ScriptVideo

Managing Contacts

2BasicContacts Window Overview (6:07)ScriptVideo
3BasicAdd New Contact (2:39)ScriptVideo
4BasicWhat is in a Contact Record (7:02)ScriptVideo
5BasicAdd Record to Contact (1:46)ScriptVideo
13Other ToolsBulk Edit (1:50)ScriptVideo
14Other ToolsResolve Duplicates (4:32)ScriptVideo
15Other ToolsHouseholds (5:06)ScriptVideo
16Other ToolsExport (1:46)ScriptVideo
17Other ToolsPrint (1:21)ScriptVideo


37ImportingClean Contacts – Import Workspace (7:40)ScriptVideo
38ImportingImport Contacts (3:27)ScriptVideo
41ImportingImport Donations (8:50)ScriptVideo


6SearchingSearch Builder (5:50)ScriptVideo
7SearchingList Builder (1:37)ScriptVideo
53SearchingSearching 1 – Basic Concept Overview (7:13)ScriptVideo
54SearchingSearching 2 – Searching in list using operators (2:28)ScriptVideo
55SearchingSearching 3 – Searching in list using multiple criteria (6:24)ScriptVideo
56SearchingSearching 4 – Searching in list tips and troubleshooting (3:02)ScriptVideo

Templates & Mailings

8MailingsMake Template (5:29)ScriptVideo
9MailingsCreate Personalized Letters/Mail Merge (3:15)ScriptVideo
10MailingsCreate Labels/Envelopes (3:20)ScriptVideo
11MailingsSend Bulk Email (4:25)ScriptVideo

Sending and Receiving Email

35EmailStep 1. Configure Database to Send Email (3:19)ScriptVideo
40EmailStep 2. Create html template (6:37)ScriptVideo
11EmailStep 3. Send Bulk Email (4:25)ScriptVideo
12MailingsReceive Email (4:53)ScriptVideo
36EmailConfigure Database to Receive Email (4:11)ScriptVideo

Tracking Communications

18BasicCreate a New Communication record (4:53)ScriptVideo
19Other ToolsExplore Communications (3:44)ScriptVideo

Managing Donations

20BasicCreate a New Donation Record (4:34)ScriptVideo
21BasicAssign Batches (4:00)ScriptVideo
22ReceiptsMake Donation Receipts (4:03)ScriptVideo
43ReceiptsCreate Annual Donation Summary Letters (U.S. Style)(4:01)ScriptVideo
23ReceiptsEmail Donation Receipts (7:18)ScriptVideo
24Other ToolsExplore Donations (1:18)ScriptVideo
25Other ToolsUseful Donation Reports (2:40)ScriptVideo
41ImportingImport Donations (8:50)ScriptVideo
47DonationsHow to Make a Copy of a Tax Receipt (3:05)ScriptVideo
48DonationsHow to Cancel an Invalid Tax Receipt (4:16)ScriptVideo


46PledgesHow to Add a New Pledge (4:17)ScriptVideo
59PledgesHow to Process Pledges (4:28)ScriptVideo

Grant Management

42Grant ManagementGrant Management Overview (2:24)ScriptVideo


26BasicCreate User Accounts (3:37)ScriptVideo
27BasicChange User License/Update Security Code (1:19)ScriptVideo
28BasicClear All Locks (1:28)ScriptVideo
29BasicSet Up offices (2:03)ScriptVideo
39WebsiteSet up Payment Processing (6:06)ScriptVideo


44VolunteersHow to Add And Assign Tasks (4:41)ScriptVideo
45VolunteersHow to Define Skills And Skill Types (4:36)ScriptVideo
49VolunteersVolunteer Add-On – Overview (4:48)ScriptVideo


50MembershipsHow to Add a New Member (3:58)ScriptVideo
51MembershipsHow to Create Membership Types and Benefits (5:19)ScriptVideo

Case Management

52Case ManagementCase Management Add-on Set-up (13:11)ScriptVideo


57ReportingReporting 1 – Basic concepts and built in reports (6:12)ScriptVideo
58ReportingReporting 2 – running custom reports (10:11)ScriptVideo