Strategic Arts Management

SAM is a ground-breaking, provincial not-for-profit organization that supports Nova Scotia’s performing artists and performing arts organizations by providing subsidized consulting-based assistance in the management and development of their operations. SAM offers a unique service in that they operate on a “just in time” model;

SAM is always quick to respond to last minute needs. As a not-for-profit society, SAM is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and funded through a combination of earned client revenue and government support. SAM serves:

  • Not for profit performing arts organizations with mandates that include the creation, presentation, production, support or development of arts and culture in Nova Scotia;
  • Individual performing artists who currently reside within Nova Scotia;
  • Collectives of performing artists in which the majority of the members reside in Nova Scotia.

SAM’s clients are doing some of the most original and compelling performing arts work in the region, and in the country. We are proud to help grow and enrich the cultural life of the province, and the creative and business capabilities of those who call it into being.


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