Website Set-up Service

This service is required if you want to integrate Sumac with your website. The Website Set-up Service includes several customizable website pages, simple customization, and help with putting the pages on your website, and connecting them to your Sumac database.

The following are the webpages that are available for customization:

Donation Page


There are several steps involved in this process, and it normally takes 4-6 weeks to complete.
Website Integration Setup

Technical Requirements

Your website must support PHP in order for Sumac Website Integration to work.

Expertise Required

1. Website Person

In order to get the pages up on your website, you need a website person who can:

  • Put the Sumac PHP pages in the right place on your website.
  • Obtain and install security certificate.
  • Put the key file on your website in the right place (instructions will be provided)
  • 2. Computer Person

    In order to maintain a reliable, and uninterrupted connection between your website and your database, you must have a computer person who can set up and manage a website transaction server that will run Sumac 24/7 with a static IP. If you do not have a person on staff with this expertise, you can purchase the Website Integration Service.


    $700 (One-time fee).

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