Sumac Cloud

Since starting Sumac, accessing and using data has become a staff-wide activity. We are all able to access our database and use it on our daily work…

Acting Up uses Sumac Cloud
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Sumac Cloud is a service that lets you access your data through an internet connection on any computer where Sumac is installed. Instead of your database residing on your server, it resides in a cloud-based server that is backed up by the Sumac Team.

Is Sumac Cloud right for me?

You should consider getting Sumac Cloud if:

1. Your staff works in multiple locations. In this case, an online database will simplify their lives. No matter where they are, the database is available.

2. You lie awake at night worrying about whether your database server is reliable and being backed up on a regular basis.

How does Sumac Cloud compare to Sumac In-house?

IssueSumac CloudSumac In-house
Connecting from inside your office.Easy. Requires an Internet connection.Easy.
Connecting from outside your office.The data is on the Internet, accessible from anywhere.You set up the Internet connection between your in-house server and other locations.
Speed.Internet speed.Office network speed. Faster than your Internet connection.
Back-up.We handle the backup for you.You need to back up the data on a regular basis.

Security Questions

  • Can other people see my data?
    No. You have your own database, just for your organization. No one else can access it.
  • Where is my data?
    The data is actually on a server located in Montreal, QC, Canada.
  • Who owns the data?
    All your data is yours.
  • How is my data backed up?
    The server in Montreal is backed up locally every day.
  • Can I get my data out?
    Every list window in Sumac has an export button. These buttons enable you to export anything anytime. In addition, on request, we can provide a copy of the backed up database in a standard .sql file format.

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