Sumac vs. Salesforce for Non-profit Organizations

Sumac and Salesforce are both fully customizable, cloud-based CRM databases used by non-profit organizations. Here, we compare the two and look at which option is best suited for what kind of organization.

Comparison Table for Salesforce and Sumac

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OverviewSalesforce is a sales tool, so it does not come with sufficient capability to track donor history, donor loyalty, and long term donor behavior. However, with the help of consultants, you can add additional products to alter the software for your needs.Sumac is designed specially for the non-profit sector, so it already does everything non-profits need.
CustomizationCustomization is quite complicated and requires hiring special Salesforce consultants.Customization is simple, and is usually done by someone with no specialized knowledge, so there is no need for IT staff or consultants. And, if you need help, Sumac’s specialized implementation team can customize your database for you. This service is free when you get the Data Migration Service.
IntegrationMany software companies can provide add-on applications that work with Salesforce. But because they often do not integrate with each other, you end up with data islands that are incompatible.Sumac has over a dozen Add-on Options to choose from that cover a wide range of functionality that non-profits need: from box office to data mining to volunteer management, and many others. They all integrate seamlessly.
Cost of Getting Started

Salesforce offers nonprofits 10 free licenses, but because it requires extensive planning, consulting, and development to customize the database before you get started, it ends up costing a lot.

A typical Salesforce implementation with data conversion costs anywhere from $10,000 – $15,000.

Prices are a fraction of Salesforce, and are based on your needs.
Time to Get started The whole process usually takes months, often over a year, to complete.The whole process, including migrating your data, takes about 3 weeks.
Training Because Salesforce is a sales database, it often requires significant investments in training to fully leverage the tools for nonprofit purposes.Staff can be trained and ready to start using Sumac in just a few hours. Training is included, so there is no additional cost. Also, there are How-to videos available online.
OngoingRequires good IT staff and the help of consultants to do software development – make changes, upgrades and maintain.Upgrades and updates are installed automatically. Also technical support is free, so there is no need for IT staff or consultants.

Who Should Use?

salesforce softwareSalesforce is expensive and takes time, but can be suitable for large organizations with very specialized needs, a large budget and some competent consultants on their team.
sumacSumac is the perfect solution for large or small organizations that want a database that is easy to use and tailored to their needs, but don’t want to spend a lot of time and money.

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