Referral Program


Many people who recommend Sumac have asked us about a referral program. We are delighted that they want to spread the word and we want to help them in their efforts, so we are now offering benefits.

Why Recommend Sumac?

Benefits for Sumac Users

When it comes to nonprofit database software for small and mid-sized nonprofits, Sumac is the best! Have a look at the Sumac 5 Point Advantage for a reminder of the outstanding benefits Sumac software offers users.

Sumac instantly improves fundraising and helps organizations become more organized and efficient.

Benefits for You

We offer a referral reward of $100 for each recommendation that leads to a sale of Sumac Gold. You can choose to keep this reward, or pass it on to your referral in the form of a discount or a donation to their cause.

To make a referral, send us an email with your details and the details of the referred client: name, organization name and contact details. Or, tell the referred person to mention your name when they purchase Sumac.

If you would like to become a ongoing partner, please contact us to discuss details:

[email protected]

USA +1 716-844-6770

CAN +1 416-504-8724


We are excited about the opportunity to get more nonprofits from more networks around the world using Sumac and we appreciate your help!