Payment Processing

How It Works

Step 1
Get a merchant account with our payment processor that integrates with Sumac.

Step 2
Enter your merchant information into Sumac.

Step 3
Start processing credit card transactions in Sumac over the phone, in-house, or on your website! Sumac does not charge any fees for transactions. You just pay the fees charged by the payment processor, which are very reasonable.

Over The Phone

If you take credit card information over the phone, you can enter the information and process payments in Sumac automatically.


If you deal with physical credit cards, Sumac integrates with mag stripe readers to help you process credit cards quickly, save time and increase accuracy! See FAQ

On Your Website

If you accept credit cards on your website, Sumac can process payment and record all the details in your database. (Integration with website required).

How Processing Payments in Sumac Differs from Using a Third Party

If you use a third party payment processor like Network for Good, you deal directly with the third party, so you don’t need to set up a merchant account with a payment processor. This means you may be able to get set-up faster, but there are also significant disadvantages:

1. Cost

It costs a lot more to process transactions because you are paying fees for the third party as well as the payment processor. While it may not seem like a lot at first glance, because you are paying them on every single transaction, they really add up over the years. Sumac cuts out the third party fees, so you save.

2. Identification

Your organization name does not always appear on donors’ credit card statements. With your own merchant account, your organization’s name always appears on their statement.

3. Funds Flow

It may take a week or longer for funds to be deposited into your account. When you have your own merchant account, funds flow directly into your account with no waiting period.


Features of Sumac Payment Processing

  • Define your organization's connection to a payment processor and identify the types of credit cards you accept.
  • Process credit card payments instantaneously over the Internet.
  • Process payments in-house quickly using a mag stripe reader!
  • Accept donations and payments for memberships, tickets and other sales of products or services.
  • Process recurring pledge payments in seconds, without re-entering credit card information every month.
  • Generate automated payment records that describe and track transactions.
  • Process payments while receiving an order over the phone.
  • Eliminate extra terminals and communication lines used for credit card authorization
  • Secure vulnerable financial information with restricted access to sensitive data.
  • Automatically receive an assigned authorization code for each transaction and save it with the payment record.

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