PACT uses Sumac Donor Software

Setting up Sumac has been extremely beneficial to our team and our work. We have integrated the software into all our business processes resulting in significant gains in time and efficiency. Making the change to Sumac enabled us to publish The Theatre Listing on our website instead of on paper while reducing the effort to prepare it by 70%. Our Members are already reaping the benefits. Sumac is easy to use, and possibilities for future developments and support for new projects are numerous. – Lucy White – Executive Director

PACT is a member-driven organization that serves as the collective voice of professional Canadian theatres. For the betterment of Canadian theatre, PACT provides leadership, national representation and a variety of programs and practical assistance to member companies, enabling members to do their own creative work.

The Theatre Listing, created by PACT with the help of Sumac, contains comprehensive information on theatre companies, performance facilities and related arts organizations across Canada. It is an essential reference for producers, playwrights, actors, students and theatre professionals. Three times a year PACT publishes the most current data available at time of publication. Also, an annual renewal campaign is conducted each summer to update all entries.

It is our belief that theatre makes an essential contribution to Canadian life on every level – social and economic. Theatre professionals deserve supportive working environments, structured and readily accessible to Canadians, and theatre companies should be as diverse as Canadian society.


PACT uses Sumac Donor Software

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