Northumberland Humane Society

Our experience here at the Northumberland Humane Society with using Sumac has been wonderful. Prior to installing Sumac, our receipting system was disorganized and inefficient, which cost us time and led to some donors being unhappy with their experience. By harmonizing our receipting and donating process through the Sumac software, this aspect of our daily operations has become one of the simplest tasks of running our organization. The installing process was a breeze, and the software runs smoothly on all of our Windows based computers. We are also very happy with the technical support we have received from Sumac, any time we have had a question or concern they have bee there to help. We would highly recommend Sumac to other charitable organizations for all of their donor database needs! – Kate Lennan, Administrator

The Northumberland Humane Society is a charitable community resource, dedicated to protecting and providing temporary shelter and comfort to all animals in need and promoting adoption and rehoming for abused, abandoned, neglected, and unwanted companion animals.

The board of directors and animal care staff work together to provide the best possible care to animals in the community and at the shelter. Volunteers are the main reason the NHS can continue its efforts enhancing the lives of animals, as well as our membership group and community which provide us with the donations that allow us to continue to care for all animals that enter the shelter.

“The NHS relies solely on the generous support of the local community. Monetary donations, community fundraising events, funds raised through sales at our Thrift Shop and generous bequests throughout the years, have allowed the NHS to continue its important work in the local community.”

The NHS does not euthanize animals for space; we instead provide a waiting list for animals being surrendered to the shelter. Euthanasia is done only when recommended by a veterinarian for medical or behavioral reasons.

We promote humane treatment of all living things and work within the law to respond to and investigate all complaints of cruelty and neglect. The Northumberland Humane Society endeavors to eliminate cruelty and over-population and we support the principle that no person has the right to cause pain or suffering to a living creature.

“Saving just one animal will not change the world, but surely the world will change for that one animal”.

Website: Northumberland Humane Society

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