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Who else uses Sumac?

Loop Gallery uses Sumac Non-profit Software

We have been so pleased with how Sumac has streamlined our communications efforts at Loop Gallery. All of our contacts and communications are managed in a single location that is incredibly agile and easy to use. We are always looking for new ways to expand our scope and it’s great to have a CRM solution that can grow with us. – Stephanie Anne D’Amico, Marketing Committee

Loop is a co-operative gallery with 30+ member artists who exhibit on a regular basis and play an active role in defining the gallery’s vision. Member exhibitions represent the bulk of the gallery’s programming and are presented as two simultaneous solo shows. Loop also periodically hosts special projects that include group shows, artist talks, MFA exhibitions, local festivals, and other community initiatives.

Founded in 2000, Loop was one of several arts organizations that effectively transformed Queen Street’s gritty “wild west” into the vibrant, trend-setting, cultural destination it is today. Conceived partly in response to a scarcity of permanent exhibition venues, Loop was envisioned as a self-sustaining, collectively-run space for a group of professional member artists. Getting in the loop was simple: founders Catherine Beaudette and Richard Mongiat extended invitations to a set of practicing artists who in-turn were asked to invite two peers, forming an initial group of 20 exhibiting members dedicated to the maintenance, operation, and promotion of the gallery space. Following an inaugural group exhibition, Beaudette and Mongiat shared Loop’s initial two-person show, as well as the gallery’s first annual rotation as Directors. With the mandate to preserve a fundamentally engaging, inexpensive, and co-operative venture, Loop brought to Queen Street the artist-run culture that had been a fixture of Canadian art since the 1970s.

In 2009, Loop migrated north, joining yet another hotbed of burgeoning cultural activity on Dundas Street West. After more than a decade in operation, Loop’s artist-led curatorial model in conjunction with the calibre of its member artists have allowed the gallery to retain its reputation as a fertile ground for inventive practices and projects. In addition, collaborations with a host of Canadian artists, scholars, and curators have helped establish Loop as an open circuit with links all across the country.


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