Le Labo uses Sumac Non-profit Software

Before Sumac, contacts were scattered between each employee as each worked with specific lists of contacts. Now all contacts are merged in one place and accessible to all employees. Since we started to use Sumac in the past year, we have been much more efficient in managing our communications with our community, managing memberships, tracking registrations and attendance to our events. The database is helping our organization to develop at a higher level, better reaching it’s goals and enhance it’s influence in the community. – Carolina Reis, Communications, Outreach and Training Coordinator

Founded in 2004, Le Labo was incorporated as a non profit organisation in 2006. Since then, it thrives as an artist-run media arts centre well connected with both the artistic and the francophone communities. Its mission is to:

  • Foster incubation, innovation, creation and production in the media arts;
  • Promote artistic collaboration and dissemination;
  • Train its Members, educate the future generations and introduce media art globally;
  • Guarantee diversification and a healthy ressource management;
  • Communicate actively and efficiently within and outside the organisation.

In addition to providing access to media production stations with professional state-of-the-art technology, the Labo’s annual programming includes residencies, exhibitions, installations, workshops, conferences and artist talks.

Website: lelabo.ca

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