Install Sumac

Download Sumac (All Platforms)

  1. Download the installer that corresponds to your operating system:
    1. Sumac for Windows
    2. Sumac for macOS
    3. Sumac for Linux
  2. Click Save File if you are prompted with a dialog asking how to proceed.
  3. Locate the downloaded file. In different browsers it may appear differently:
    1. Mozilla Firefox help file
    2. Chrome help file
    3. Internet Explorer help file
    4. Safari help file
  4. Follow the run instructions that correspond to your operating system.

Install Sumac on Windows

    1. Double click SumacInstaller_win_20190716.exe found in your downloads folder.
    2. You may get a warning on your computer asking to verify that you would like to allow this app to make changes on your device. Confirm that the Verified Publisher is Silent Partner Software, then click Yes.

Image of the Sumac installer as it appears on windows

    1. Follow the steps on the Sumac Setup Installer
    2. Wait until it the installation has completed. Then, set the Launch Sumac checkbox and click Finish.

Image of the Sumac Launcher during the download phase

  1. Sumac automatically opens Sumac Launcher, which replaces your old Sumac desktop shortcut with the new version, and launches Sumac for you.

Install Sumac on macOS

    1. Manually delete all the existing shortcuts for Sumac from your desktop.
    2. Return to your download folder and double click SumacInstaller_mac_20190718.dmg. Wait for it to extract.
    3. Click and drag the Sumac icon into the Applications folder.
    4. Open the Applications folder and locate Sumac.

Image of the security pop-up that appears when launching Sumac for the first time on macOS

  1. You may see a message saying that Sumac is from an “unidentified developer”. If this is the case, right-click the Sumac icon, and select Open from the menu. Opening it this way allows you to bypass the security block put up by your system.
    1. For more information please see the Apple support topic on this issue.
  2. Click Open. Sumac launches as normal and can now be accessed from your applications folder.
  3. Locate the Install Sumac icon on your desktop.
  4. Right-click and select Eject “Install Sumac” to complete your installation.

Install Sumac on Linux

  1. Remove all old Sumac shortcuts.
  2. Open terminal at the download directory.
  3. Extract the file: tar -pzxvf SumacInstaller_linux_20190109.tgz
  4. Next, change the directory: cd Sumac
  5. Install Sumac as root user: ./InstallSumac
  6. Run Sumac by entering: sumac

Technical Help

Phone: 877-399-4645
E-mail: [email protected]

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