Giftworks Disables Old Versions

GiftWorks Disabling Old Versions Unfair

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GiftWorks fundraising software was recently acquired by FrontStream Payments. Just a few weeks after the acquisition, GiftWorks announced price increases and a plan to discontinue support for older versions of GiftWorks. Much worse, they announced they would actually be disabling older versions of GiftWorks, even though the software had been sold as a customer-installed, one-time purchase.

The decision has left many Giftworks users stranded without access to their database software unless they migrate to GiftWorks 2014, which requires the payment of monthly fees starting at a steep $90/month!

[ilink size=”large” icon=”quote” newtab=”false”][/ilink] We have all seen this before: a company starts with the objective of helping non-profit organizations and ends with the objective of squeezing them for money. It’s rather sad when a non-profit’s software partner of many years turns out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

When the objective shifts in this way, old products get cut, and prices go up. The hundreds of people using them every day have to either give more money (to a company that has now shown that customers come second), often more money than a non-profit can afford, or switch to different software.

We think non-profits deserve better, so we have made it really easy for Giftworks customers to switch to Sumac. We are a company that stands by our customers, and would never withdraw support, or increase prices for current customers.”

– Peter Turk, President and Founder

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