From Excel to Sumac: A Montessori School Transforms How They Operate

From Excel to Sumac: A Montessori School Transforms How They Operate


Northern Neck Montessori School is a non-profit organization in the lovely small town of Kilmarnock, Virginia. Their mission is to build a diverse community of lifelong learners, using the Montessori philosophy.

According to Emily May, the Office Manager, before they had Sumac, they were using Excel spreadsheets for all of their operations, which meant everything was done manually, took a lot of time, and common operations like searching and performing a mail merge were nearly impossible.

The management team knew things had to change, and because they did a lot of fundraising, they started searching for fundraising software. According to May, “Sumac won out because it was designed specifically for non-profits, it was available in the cloud, had incredible functionality, and the price was right!”

May soon became the main user, and she has been really impressed with how easy it is to use: “It’s really comprehensive, and easy to understand. It’s literal, so it just works. Also, the reporting is wonderful. In just a few minutes, I can generate the reports I need.”

What has really blown her away though, is Sumac’s free support services: “It’s phenomenal!” she says. “No question is too stupid. They’re always kind, professional, and ready to help.”

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