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Personalize newsletters, fundraising letters, and thank you letters with donor information right from your database!


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Built-in & Custom Templates

With Sumac, you can create custom templates with pictures, text and mail merge codes that to tell Sumac what personal information you would like it to insert when sending your newsletter, fundraising letter, thank you letter, or event invitation.


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Built-in Email Marketing

When your template is ready to go, you can use Sumac’s built-in broadcast email system to send your email to a select list of contacts in your database. Unlike Constant Contact or MailChimp, Sumac does not charge a thing for sending bulk email.


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Powerful Mail Merge

When Sumac sends email, it automatically personalized each one with information from the contact record like name, address, salutation, and donation amount. Sumac can even insert conditional text, for example, to include a special greeting to donors who attended a recent event, or to solicit 15 percent more from each donor. Research shows that personalized communication has a much higher response rate!


With Sumac, we got the perfect solution – excellent customer service and an easy-to-use product at an affordable price…

Communications Manager, Transforming Faces


Features of Sumac Email Marketing

  • Segment your contact to determine who who should and should not receive a particular newsletter, bulletin or invitation.
  • Send bulk email right from Sumac, and personalize each email with personal information from the contact record like name, address, and donation amount.
  • Guarantee that everyone gets the message – Sumac sends each message individually to make sure that your email is not targeted as spam.
  • Record detailed information about each email sent, and attach that information to each contact record.
  • Identify incomplete deliveries with a report log that identifies problematic emails.


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