Step 1a – Choose a Primary Contact

Your Responsibility

Choose a point person who will be Sumac’s main contact during the data mapping and migration process, and fill out the Primary Contact Form below. Important:
  • We will not proceed to Step 1b until we have received your Primary Contact Form.
  • Barring exceptional circumstances, we will not discuss the data migration project with anyone other than the appointed primary contact.
  • Should other members of your organization require updates on the status of the project, they will be asked to contact the appointed contact.

Required Response Time

3 days

Standard Time Frame

1 day


It’s important to select the right person capable of keeping the project on track, and who know the organization’s data well.

Choose a primary contact who meets as many of the following criteria as possible:

  • Logical and data-focused
  • Open and willing to embrace change
  • Knows and understands your organization’s data systems, and/or can communicate effectively with those who do
  • Understands your organization’s programs and activities, especially in the context of data needs (data entry, reporting needs, policies and practices, etc.)
  • Will be available to see the data migration project from start to end (capable of making up to a 6-month commitment).
  • Able to add the data migration project to their day-to-day work-load, and to make it a priority. This is not a job for someone who is already overburdened.
  • Had some part in the Sumac sales process, and/or understands, at least on a basic level, what Sumac is all about, and what your organization purchased.
  • Familiar with databases and/or information management practices.

Avoid choosing a primary contact who meets any of the following criteria:

  • Resistant or mistrustful of switching to a new system.
  • New to your organization, and therefore not familiar with your practices and current data systems.
  • Planning to leave your organization within the next 6 months. This might include summer students, contract workers, maternity leaves, or retirement.
  • Not involved in your organization’s daily activities or program management. This might include board members, occasional volunteers, or external/contracted tech support people.
  • Already overburdened with other projects and/or incapable of committing the necessary time to data migration.
  • Unfamiliar with Sumac, either as a user or through the sales/demo process.
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