Step 2c – You Review the Data Mapping Document

Your Responsibility

Read through the Data Mapping document carefully, and make sure you understand it.

Standard Time Frame:

1-2 weeks

Required Response Time:

1 week


Since the Data Mapping document will serve as our instruction manual for migrating your data, it is important that you understand exactly what it is telling us to do. Each file you sent us will be listed, followed by a brief instruction of what we will do with the file, followed by a table that outlines how each column of data in that file will be handled in Sumac. For example, if you send us a file called Sample Board Members.xls that looks like this: Acceptable Formats   Your data mapping might look like this: Acceptable Formats Where we have marked the mapping with “###”, look at the original file. We will need to discuss this data, so it’s important that you know and understand exactly what the data at each marked point is meant to capture. As you read through the mapping, you should also compile a list of any questions you have.

Key Considerations

  • If you think that your data may have large numbers of duplicated contacts, let us know during the data mapping process so that we can discuss strategies for reducing them.
  • Get everyone involved. While the migration process works best with one person at your organization acting as our main contact, it’s important for your team members to read and understand the data mapping, and to provide their input. If we have questions about volunteer data, but you are not the person who deals with volunteers, be sure to ask the right person for the answers.
  • Do not email us your questions or comments. It is far more efficient for you to discuss your data over the phone with your data migration expert than to do so via email exchanges, so please save all your questions, and comments until your scheduled phone call.
  • For more detailed information about how to read your data mapping document, please consult the Data Migration Terminology and Defaults Guide.
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